Anonymity Bites The Dust

In case you had not picked up on this already, my name is Inji and I AM the Juka 😉

I would tell you that I’m the girl on the blog, but am uniquely unqualified to do so. Perhaps those few readers who’ve shared java with me could help you out and weigh in on the issue.

On why I’m doing this? The International Who’s Who Historical Society have selected me for their 2009/2010 issue of the International Who’s Who for Professionals for “exemplary achievement and distinguished contributions to the business community” and I want to retain bragging rights! 😉

P.S. Post altered to accommodate for sweet overprotective paranoia of best friend. *HUGS*.


6 thoughts on “Anonymity Bites The Dust

  1. Hurray, hurray, hurray!
    Peeps, our friend Juka is a celebrity. A “who’s who” celebrity. That’s like the ‘walk of fame’ of, ehhh, serious people.

    I’m popping a bottle of bubbly apple juice to celebrate!! (and Juka – we must celebrate properly. You pick the day!)

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