Words My Father Told Me

In May 2006, my Daddy was turning 55. I’m big on customized gifts; I’m a writer; moreover, me and my dad are really tight.

Seeing that a relationship like ours (mine and my dads) warrants a unique gift; I had compiled words of wisdom my father has told me over the past 20 something years and which have played a major role in shaping my personality and made me the person I am today; had them photoshopped with a photo of him carrying a 3 year old Juka (contemplating sharing the picture) and framed.

Yesterday a chat session with superstar reminded me of the frame sitting on our piano. Thought I’d share.

Words my father told me:-

  • The sky is your limit.
  • Intelligence doesn’t happen by accident it’s the result of hard and organized WORK.
  • Always treat others like you’d like to be treated.
  • When you do something… do it right; for the lord loves those who seek to attain perfection in everything they do.
  • Work hard…. Play harder.
  • Life isn’t fair 🙂  (inside joke)
  • When things don’t go your way; have faith in God’s infinite wisdom; you never know what’s around the corner.
  • Question everything.
  • The learning process knows no end, no matter what you learn it will come in handy someday.
  • Everybody witnesses phenomena; genius is about perception, to see it in a light nobody else has seen it in.
  • Respect yields even more respect.
  • If we don’t agree we can at least be civil.
  • The greatest gift in the world is the ability and the opportunity to help others, don’t ever underestimate that, don’t ever be ungenerous with your time or effort.
  • There is no such thing as no time; there is good time management and then there’s what you are doing 😉
  • Dream huge, shoot for the moon, but always keep your feet firmly on the ground.
  • Be yourself  🙂

Daddy dearest, that was the list in 2006, funny thing is retyping it up now, I realised the extent to which I’m still learning! HUGS!


10 thoughts on “Words My Father Told Me

  1. compiling and framing them? that’s a very cool idea, I’m thinking of following your lead on this.

    I loved them all, but this one ..

    Everybody witnesses phenomena; genius is about perception, to see it in a light nobody else has seen it in. – classic!

    May God protect you for him, him for you, grant you complacence and endow you with happiness forever isA 🙂

  2. ibhog: Thanks for the very sweet wishes! I’m touched! 🙂 Sentence you liked came coupled with the story of how he came up with his formula (not making this up) and the whole Newton apple parody 🙂

    Insomniac: Thanks bella! 🙂 Rabbena yekhally the boys ya Rab!

  3. Awww…this is so sweet! It’s awesome that you and your dad are so close ;).
    …and yes, I’d very much like to see the picture of 3 year old Juka :P.

  4. It takes sometime to realize the depth and true meaning of our parents’ advices. Although my father left this world 14 years ago when I was 20, but every year I realize the meaning of some of his valuable advice.
    God Bless them all.

  5. I love this list and I love the whole “question everything”, it’s so true and yet sometimes I forget to do just that, and of course I regret it immensely after that.

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