May your Good be Better and your Better be BLESSED!

Ibhog has decided to inject some Ramadan spirit into the blogosphere.

Taking a sweet and brave initiative he’s decided to share his blessings with us, asking us all to share some of ours.

Rules are posted on his blog to which I’ve linked above, if you happen to stop by here for mine, know that I would be very interested in reading yours. Consider yourselves implicitly tagged.

Lets get to it:

Praise the Lord! A huge Elhamdollelah.

  • I am grateful for all the things I complain about all the time, for in being able to focus on such small things, I have realised that all the big tickets in my life are in order. Typical Maslow hierarchy of needs pyramid. So if your biggest problem is that you have not saved the world today, it follows that your basic needs are met, that you are fed, healthy, employed, loved, actualized etc.. and can afford to stress about that ๐Ÿ™‚ “Reminded”
  • I am grateful for my parents, in their over-protectiveness, in their stifling over attentiveness. I am grateful that they are both alive and well, that they both care enough, that we are not your typical dysfunctional family, that I feel protected, safe and loved all day everyday. “Pampered”
  • I am grateful for my sister and our small age difference. I am grateful for the friendship that binds us and the room we share. I am grateful for our insane and opposite styles and tastes. I am grateful for how she’s my rock who will always be there. I am grateful that I am hers! I am grateful for how well we understand each other and the fear that overtakes other Trump players and the classic “ekhwat la2!!!” ๐Ÿ™‚ “Happy”
  • I am grateful for my car, even though it is for sale these days, cause it is time to move on. Yet I shall miss it, I owe it so much. I am freed from taxi cabs and begging rides of parents. It is my own bit of personal space on this planet, the only property that truly is mine. I am grateful for the rad built in stereo and the endless supply of music. I am grateful for the fact that it has never failed me and has tolerated seating 8 individuals, my Need for Speed driving, the Cairo heat, the long trips and being used as a make shift office. “Mine”
  • I am grateful for my career. I hear people talking about their dream jobs, I am thankful that I have found mine after career hopping for 5 years. I hope I get to do this forever. I hope to some day do it for the biggest firms on the planet. Moreover, I dream of one day doing it under my own name, my very own business consultancy firm. “Actualised”
  • I am grateful for my best friends, who have been there for me through thick and thin, who are spread out all over the globe but who are always a phone call and a plane trip away. I am grateful for the old ones and the new. I am grateful for how influential they have been in my life, how they’ve always driven me to be a better me, how they’ve made the good times great and the bad situations trivial. “Spoilt”.
  • I am grateful for the gifts/talents the Lord has been generous enough to endow me with. I am thankful for the skills that I have not had to work hard at developing and for the creative elements which have enabled me to channel both positive and very negative energy over the years. I am grateful to my piano and my blog for keeping me sane and grounded, for enabling me to remain “nice” in the real world. “Blessed”
  • I am grateful for all the things we usually don’t stop to ponder, the things that go without saying and which we take for granted. I am grateful for good health, a steady job, a roof above my head, food on our table, love in our hearts, education, choice, etc. “Contemplative”
  • I am grateful for my cities, the locations I’ve lived in around the planet, for all the memories, all the trips, all the stamps in my passport, for all the friends I’ve made, the sights I’ve seen and the exposure. I am grateful for variety, diversity and cultures. I am grateful for all we have to learn and experience and how non-boring life can be. “Travel-bug bitten”
  • Last but not least, I’m actually grateful for advances in technology. The Lord has been very generous with the brains he has given some of us. I am insanely grateful that Carrier invented the AC; that the internet is available to students, employees and slackers around the world; for trains, planes and automobiles. I’m basically very grateful for all our creature comforts. “Lazy”

Needless to say, you’re all tagged. Knock yourselves out!


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