On Getting Published

OK, those who know me know that it’s been on my new year resolution lists and on my bucket lists since 2005. This ambitious dream has met with some interesting setbacks, my inability to write anything longer than 10 pages, fact that I got bored easy, laziness, upon actual completion of something the difficulties of getting published in English in a city like Cairo. Publishing houses will tell you that people barely read, those who do, read Arabic, what little English people bother to buy must have been on the NY best seller list for a while.

This discouragement was the reason I started this blog, Ramblings of a Disoriented Mind, the name of the short story I had at the time. I’ve written others since, you’ll find a couple on this blog broken up in pieces and some of my closer friends have actually read a draft of a working progress of a novel. Their feedback has been generous, sweet, supportive and instrumental. I hope to someday have that story see the light.

Meanwhile, in the real world, established published authors are going through hell. I couldn’t fathom the extent of the damage, yet when an author feels frustrated and ripped off enough to throw a coup d’etat you know something is amiss.

Marwa Rakha has decided she has had it with it all and is making her book available for free online in a digital format. So for all of you who had read my review and were reluctant; for all those who couldn’t get their hands on a hard copy; for all who appreciate the ability to read off your monitors at work, here you go an easy access freebie! Download it, read it, let her know what you thought.

For more on how Arab writers are being mistreated see here.

To download Rakha’s book, click here.

Would love to know what you all think? To e-book or not to e-book? Are publishing houses obsolete? Would you pay for electronic media you could get for free?


11 thoughts on “On Getting Published

  1. I have to disagree. First of all I read English books by Egyptian authors. I like some of it and don’t like some of it, and hate some of it. But I still read the stuff.
    Why haven’t you considered self publishing?
    Releasing a free ebook is a great idea but authors still have to eat too.

  2. I so agree with Jessyz, and I was sad to hear about Marwa’s decision. I went more than once to purchase her book to find the copies out, and I don’t want to e-book on this. I want to read for her flapping-pages-using-holders style!

    And I hope that your drafts will emerge in best-seller books one day Juka 🙂

  3. Jessyz: Disagree with the publishing houses? with me? with Rakha?

    I agree with your style, I buy English books ALL THE TIME! I read like mad, but you will be told that you are not a representative sample and that people like us are a fine minority.

    I promise to consider self publishing before the end of this year.

    According to the article that we’ve linked.. current business mode implies that nobody makes a living writing.

    Ibhog: Lemme see if I can get you a hard copy, she might have some left in stock.

    Thank you 🙂 Someday soon I hope! Even if under my own label!

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