If we gave up instant messaging,

digital social networking,  facebook and facebook equivalents…. would we still be friends?

This was an argument I had with a blogger friend a couple of weeks back.

Leading the insane schedules that we lead, spending more hours on our PCs than any other activity we do awake, the hecticness of the tempo of the century, one finds it easier to just lead a virtual social life. Reliant on that easy access and superficial connectivity to allegedly keep in touch with one another. To congratulate, condole or wish a happy birthday. To say hello, ask for a favour, get updates, give advise etc..

So once again, if I give up my msn and my facebook, would we still be friends? Would you still care? Would I see you as often? Speak to you as frequently?

Reason I’m asking is that I’m bored of it all, I miss the real deal. I like the humanity of people.. eye contact, body language.. the whole nine yards. I like their cynicism and random bursts of gossip.. I like how friends wink at me across a table full of friends. Was out with real live red blooded friends today and realised I’d rather have that over the internet any day.

My internet addiction has reached a point where I stop mid-sentence to ask people to insert a particular wink here!!

Let alone if your virtual relationships are with individuals you’ve never met in the real world 🙂 oh the margin for atrocities is ridiculously wide. You see, online isn’t real; people are never 100% them.. nor 100% genuine because the temptation is always too high.. the temptation to create an alter ego.. a fake bigger better persona.. and be that instead..

Just a thought.


12 thoughts on “If we gave up instant messaging,

  1. >>You see, online isn’t real; people are never 100% them .. nor 100% genuine ..

    This is true, sadly offline sometimes.

    But how should we deal with it? with social networking still intact and all.

    I dunno ..

  2. I don’t think my online relationship has curtailed my real social life. (aside from the time it takes, that is). but my e-friends are mostly people I don’t get to interact with in real life; as such, social networks allow me to enlarge my social network, by adding the people who are physically too far away to be in touch face to face…

  3. I have to agree with ibhog ya juka, people are false offline as well, and add to this the superficiality of the online life; you don’t care if someone did something you didn’t like because you can just delete and block. In real life that’s almost impossible unless you’re in the mob or have a license to kill.
    Yet, I do like huge gatherings of people, it’s much more encompassing of all the falseness that you don’t really realize it.

  4. Mo: Yeah, I guess it is different when one lives abroad 🙂 To me it is imperative as well for all my Heathrow airport type friends 🙂

    Cesario: Hmm.. tell me more about the mob and the license to kill 😉

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