Ramadan Activities

Dear All,

The Holy Month of Ramadan is upon us. Rotaract Kasr El Nile is here to help you channel your generosity and the spirit of Ramadan towards aiding the less fortunate.

Projects in which you may pitch in:

1) Iftar Tareek – RAC Kasr El Nile’s signature Ramadan activity which we pioneered 3 years back. This year this project is being done across two governorates and 1500 packs will be distributed. Packs will include bread, cheese and juice and will be distributed at key locations in Cairo and Alexandria to those stuck in traffic or on the road.

We are accepting volunteers and product donations for the above.

2) Ma2idet Ra7man – for the first time this year RAC Kasr El Nile is moving out of Cairo’s overcrowded existence to less fortunate governorates where a Ma2ida will be more appreciated. Our target is to feed 100 individuals daily for the month. The cost of an individual meal is 10 pounds. So to feed one person for the whole month would cost you only 300 pounds.

For volunteering or donations kindly contact me or Tarek El Ashkar at 0101869260.

May the blessings of Ramadan and it’s heightened spirituality overwhelm you all.

Kol Sanna Wentom Tayebeen!


2 thoughts on “Ramadan Activities

  1. Al7amdallah,ya Ar-Ra7maan,aghfer lana zon0ubanaa fe hazal shahr el-m0barrak ya ghaf0uru Al-Ra7eem….ameen ameen…,koll sana wenta b5eir….ya e9waani,ya 7abeeba Allah

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