On Not Posting

Since the unthinkable happened, a blog reader actually bothered to ask why this little virtual bubble is not being updated. Response: because I had limited Internet access for a while and now that I’m back, I’m in a mood that’s so mundane.. so done before.. I have nothing new to add.

See here , here and here.

Basically; I’m heading down that path again; I’m setting myself up to lose. That knowledge is of no solace and bears no impact on how protected I am or on the damage that this failure will eventually cause. In the same manner, knowing that you are in the pathway of a speeding bullet, doesn’t dictate that you will be spared the searing pain of it tearing through your flesh or the agony that follows.

Anyways, in the words of my favourite superstar “cat… chase… tail… outgrew”.

For that reader: “yet I still do not fix it.”


4 thoughts on “On Not Posting

  1. well, from another blog reader:

    your posts have been missed, and I don’t want to word out too much flattery that could unintentionally annoy you, but when someone in your intellect talks about ‘failure and loss’ it sounds very strange, at least to me.

    So, please resume posting (and pretty much standing out in the blogosphere) .. 🙂

    it might dictate that you should dodge that bullet,

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