It is ALL about the context!

A friend of mine, a very bright young lady, has had enough with her current job and boss and is looking for a job. Only she has MBA payments which are giving her guilt complexes about quitting. Hence she is on a quest to get FIRED!

I, in the best of intentions, leave the following message on her facebook wall:

“How is the quest for the pink slip?”

Her response:

Asking someone who’s trousseau shopping about a pink slip in public!! Tub3an mo7’i ra7 lbe3eed! My dad was right next to me and I was blushing and tearing up min kotr elkessouf!!


Context people… CONTEXT! 🙂


5 thoughts on “It is ALL about the context!

  1. Cesario: Me and the girl have many an inside joke, yet I assure you, I had the best and most uni-dimensional of intentions 🙂

    Jessyz: I’m glad you got my intended meaning rather than her perceived one 🙂 That ought to put her mind at ease.

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