I’m only going to say this once

Dear dear applicant,

When applying for a job kindly please note the following (and mind you, I’m not even HR):

  • Please… for the love of God…  PUH-LEASE take the time to create an e-mail id for yourself that is some formal variation of your name. I can’t take anymore of the casual/funky/cool e-mail ids of the world!
  • Don’t assume you know me! You don’t! There is no credit here… you don’t get to send me an excessively casual friendly e-mail asking about life, calling me honey and oh btw have your CV in there somewhere!!
  • I don’t care much for cover letters, but even if this is my private e-mail and even if you know about this vacancy through friends, please have a little courtesy and take the time to write something, anything, in the body of the e-mail in which you’ve attached the CV. Don’t give me the impression that you are Frisbee free-style tossing the document in my direction!!

Lotsa love,

A potential boss!


13 thoughts on “I’m only going to say this once

  1. Woah.. someone is taking charge 🙂 I totally agree with you, It is painful how people can be professionally inappropriate most of the time .. I Toh-Tally agree with you ..

    You’ll make a wonderful boss ..

  2. OR: Where are you?!!! I hope the fates have been kind 🙂 Yeah, a little strung out. Awww sweet as usual! I want to see more of you on the blogs!

  3. yes totally agree..dody…soso..el king..princess…ekbaro ba2a ya 3alam…do them a favour copy and paste your note here and reply back to all :)))

  4. .. and please please please if you do show up 30 minutes late without a valid excuse and I was kind enough not to send you home. Don’t take whats coming at you personally! you already demonstrated a very unpleasant personality treat and its only fair I am gonna squeeze you harder than I usually do.

  5. they wrote ‘honey’ in the mail ?!!

    that’s overly ludicrous, I mean if the least sort of this happens to me I’d feel very obliged to write back a full-fledged-link-ready tutorial on how to write a formal email, let aside write a CV with the a cover letter.

    And if I don’t have the time, I’ll ask the sender to look for that tutorial and resend me.

    Mesh ha3rof askot I mean .. da hays3ab 3alaya aslan!

    The problem is that some employers hire such calibers.

  6. Nawawy: I didn’t have the time and needed to rant.

    Mahdeto: AIWA!!! I’ve had people show up on a different day all together!

    ibhog: Yes, I’ve been called “honey” and “ya gamila” and “teslameelly ya 2ammara” like WTH!!! I get we have a friend in common but that’s just ridiculous!

    N: Poor you! You have ALL my sympathy! Would love to hear the stories though.

  7. Teslamili ya amara?? No bloody way!! I would be tempted to have thrown out by security for sexism…

    I did create a ‘more formal’ email address when I went to college (a decade ago! Eeek!) – given that my previous one was ‘abdul-gabbar’, a once-funny nickname (given that I was all small and nerdy) that stuck for way too long. Not sure an employer would’ve gotten the joke..

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