Cat Fanciers Association

Back from the journey towards that elusive acronym.

Granted I’m doing it for all the wrong reasons, still it was educative and informative, and my self discipline has gone up a few notches.

A prayer for all of you planning on joining the ranks of those who Can’t Find Absolution in the future:

May all your questions be straightforward; may you instantly realize the difference between IFRS and GAAP; may your questions never contain the phrases most accurate, least likely, or closest to; may the definitions be obvious, the formulas memorable and the execution easy; may your first guess always be a correct one; may your ethics be in tune with theirs and may your calculator come through for you.

Finally, if you are actually in the Commission of Fine Arts exam center (then you know why I’m not blogging its name lest I violate one of their precious standards); may your answer selection depend on more than the fact that the past 6 questions were Bs and they wouldn’t have that many Bs in a row 😀



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