The Darnest Things

I have focus/concentration issues. I’m not very good at doing one thing at a time. I usually play music to the background of whatever it is I’m doing to keep the sub-conscience entertained. This life soundtrack has been working so far. Only these days I’m experiencing the darnest thing. On a 24/7 basis I can see myself in my head on a backyard basketball court shooting hoops. This reel plays at the back of my mind while I’m thinking, talking, listening to music, studying, blogging, working and as I type this. I’m basically just going about dribbling and talking to my more conscience self as I take shots at the hoops. Jump shots and layups (wouldn’t dream of attempting a dunk even in a virtual sense). Funny thing is I have not played basketball since middle school, and wasn’t even that good back then. Even more hilarious, the virtual practice seems to be paying off as my good shot success rate is up!!!

On another note:

  • They caught HER, but the police set her free.


  • 6 hour CFA exam is on the 6th of 6 (yes I”m sure the devil has something to do with CFA exams)


  • Oh, and I caved and gave up my Alexandrian nationality!!

2 thoughts on “The Darnest Things

  1. I usually have virtual action when I’m under pressure, and because my headphones are on like 15 hours a day, I have the necessary music to back me up 😀

    And yah, I championed not only basketball (dunks .. really? it’s already imaginary :D), but also football, bungee jumping, karate, to even another completely different spectrum of insanity, you know a jockey in a night club, a dance music composer and sometimes a choreographer!

    It’s just a vent, or I may go completely nuts.

    And this comment is too noisy!

    And good luck with your evil exam 😀 (God I hope they’re not 6 questions, lol).

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