“You could have been in my place!”

A phrase uttered with a lot of love, disappointment and reproach!

Only I strongly disagree.

I wouldn’t dream of it in a million years. This is not faux modesty on my part. Yet an innate belief in destiny.

You must realize that this was your break, your time, your win. Your well deserved award. You had put in the effort. You had paid your dues. You had it coming.

Your individual achievements have triggered a chain reaction of events resulting in our very conversation. In you being able to assume that I could have been in your place. Yet had you not been there, I probably would not have been there either.

My time will come. The moment where you could sit proud and watch me shine. Yet this was not it. I promise you to make a genuine effort to claim my goals and conquer my challenges. I will become all that I am meant to be… all in good time 🙂


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