On Being A Bitch

It is a gift, a blessing from God to exist in a perpetual state of niceness. To be able to be caring supportive and understanding all the time. To be an overall decent individual. It is a truly remarkable thing, moreover it is an issue of choice. One chooses to be all of the above or one chooses to be different, one may also go to the extent of being a complete bitch all the time.

The problem here, if any, is one of perception. Our society looks down on those seemingly NICE individuals, they are seen as weaklings with no personality unable to stand up for themselves. Can’t begin to tell you how untrue that is. The fact that one chooses not to be an obnoxious bitch is in no way an indication of their inability to become one if need arises.

It would take a lot to infuriate me to the extent where I would treat you like that; but if I were ever a bitch to you… know that you bloody well deserved it and that I most definitely am not in the least bit sorry.


9 thoughts on “On Being A Bitch

  1. very true….couldn’t say it better 🙂
    i have a super high level of tolerance, but if i start being an asshole then someone must be really deserving it

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