This post is to pay recognition to a complete stranger who’s turned out to be quite the friend.

A celebrity in our field has for some inexplicable reason decided to take an interest in my career. I had expressed my interest in changing companies in an older post. She then surprised me by asking for a CV. I didn’t give it much thought, taking it to be an act of compassion, I e-mailed it to her. Within the next few weeks she had e-mailed me contacts of influential people at possible venues where I may seek gainful employment. She went a step further sending my CV herself to the management of one of the top consultancy firms in the nation with her personal recommendation and some flattering words in my regard.

Now to be exact, she has never seen me, nor met me. Her entire enthusiasm, compassion and trust are built solely on a CV and this cyber-space. She has gone out of her way to assist me, not once and not twice. She was generous, helpful and incredibly kind. She stands to gain absolutely nothing of all this.

Now I’m not entirely cold blooded; I’d like to think that I’m an overall decent helpful individual, yet I find myself questioning if I would go that far out of my way to assist a complete stranger. Hence I am utterly baffled, flattered and immensely grateful.

I know that on rare occasion she frequents this blog of mine. So on the off chance that you are reading; you’ve rendered me speechless, I am highly appreciative and extremely honoured.

13 thoughts on “Karma

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  1. Very Thoughtful of her, I am sure she saw a lot of potential in you, Juka .. I mean you can hear the steak sizzling before you actually get to put a fork in it , right ?

    So Sizzle, dearest 🙂

  2. I so know who that is! What goes around comes around Jukes, you’re kind to people without really knowing them too! You probably deserved it!

  3. Jim: If you ask for it, it doesn’t really count!

    D: I’ve got to be more obvious than I thought typing this up. 🙂 As for the rest of your comment, I hope you are right!

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