The Favourites Tag

Once again tagged by the lovely Gjoez.

Favorite color: Blue
Favorite perfume (guys): 212
Favorite perfume (girls): Armani Code
Favorite clothes brand in general: Zara
Favorite person in the entire world: The baby sister (just don’t tell her I said that).
Favorite country: China (in those I’ve visited), Spain (in those friends have gone to).
Favorite car: For a 2009 purchase I’m going to say Honda City; for more long term plans a sports car for sure, I am lenient towards the Nissan Z.
Favorite sport: Swimming.
Favorite sport player: my cousin, an upcoming tennis starlet!
Favorite spot in the World: Too tough.
Favorite animal: Dogs as pets, I love all wildlife.
Favorite movie: Too tough as well, going to go with “A Beautiful Mind” and yes I’m biast to fellow economists.
Favorite singer: Fairouz
Favorite day in the week: Fridays
Favorite time of the day: Early morning.
Favorite holiday season: Eids
Favorite number: I like odd numbers.
Favorite food: Asian, Italian, my Mom’s 🙂
Favorite chocolate: Dark Chocolate! (Lindt). Also Godiva’s (anything from there is heaven).
Favorite cartoon: Disney and Pixar fanatic; love them all.
Favorite blogger: Ya Sallam!
Favorite Flavor Ice Cream: Hagen-Daz (ay 7aga men 3andohom). In Alexandria I like the regular “labban” variety.
Favorite Mobile Brand: Samsung, now HTC.
Favorite name: Farida and Youssef.
Favorite room in my house: Our living room.
Favorite fruit: Peaches.
Favorite flower: Lillys.
Favorite Quran Reciter: Mohamed Jibreel
Favorite Website: How Stuff Works.


5 thoughts on “The Favourites Tag

  1. 🙂 You sweet-talker you. Long time no hear, how has the world been treating your young Doctor? Thanks! Not in much of a party mood though, 26 is a hideous number; I feel OLD! 😦

  2. Asian food? ya3ny Chinese walla 7agat more generalized?

    Fave sport i thought you would have gone with cycling, bas am not disappointed 😀

    Fave singer fairouz? well, maybe if you heard me sing, you would change your mind 😛

  3. Gjoez: Asian is Chinese, Thai, Sushi, not Indian food though, I can’t handle spices. I get to swim more regularly, so I figured that gets it points 🙂 I’m sure I would, I’m waiting for the Gjoez album.

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