Tashgheel Amwal Tany!!!

Seriously, people are never going to learn!

Greed will beat caution every single time!

Only this time, greed has beaten caution, intelligence, experience, stature, lessons of the past and better judgment!

I’m disgusted in humanity!


4 thoughts on “Tashgheel Amwal Tany!!!

  1. What really bugs me is the greed, most of the people are reputable business people who managed to make good sums of money ??? Questions what more????? Greeeeeeeeeeeeed????

    I really wish they should be put to trial for being dumb:))))

  2. The one thing any human can count on is human nature… Nature by nature is more consistent than logic.

    The more things change the more they stay the same.

    I’m not surprised at all by this… Human beings are a bit predictable.

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