Jessyz to the Rescue

The second unveiling this week. Behold, the logo.


7 thoughts on “Jessyz to the Rescue

  1. That’s something different, nice too.
    I’m not attracted by the slogans, there’s something but I don’t know what it is.
    As for the barcode, is this the one that indicates that the product is Egyptian ? ( I believe that the Egypt prefix is 622 , )
    One more thing, this isn’t our flag without the Salah El-din’s vulture. This one is Yemen’s ( I know this is a small detail, but we are going Egyptian aren’t we !! )

  2. Nerro: Mahdy mashkooran fixed the other one, I’ve uploaded the fixed version to the previous post.

    Belya: Hmm.. worried about what the overlap will look like. Lets see if we can entice the generous Jessyz to take your comments into consideration.

    Nousha: Thanks, all credit goes to our young mom the wonderful Jessyz.

    Gjoez: It is the continuation of the previous two posts.

  3. mmmm, let’s see yes you’re right about the prefix, I did look up the EAN codes then spaced out. If you have any suggestions on the slogan/catchphrase please let me know. I used the one that was already there and changed Masna3na be “montagna” because I think product makes more sense as it is more general. I tried using the Eagle and using the bar code with it, it just looked so messy. I am game for any suggestions or changes.

  4. Jessyz: I think if we just change the bar code we are good to go. If you like you can send me the Photoshop file and I can make the swap. I can’t thank you enough for your efforts!

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