Going Local – Take Off Revisited

Given the sheer amount of positive feedback (you all know you rock) here’s formalizing the initiative.

I give thee “Going Local – Masna3na 2awla Beena”

Going Local

Proposed way this will work:

1) It is an invitation to one and all to start going local (Arab) in all their purchase decisions.

2) On a weekly basis in this outlet I will post either an Egyptian/Arab success story or a customer complaint directed to a local company. Feel free to start e-mailing me those.

3) Once we are all settled and happy with logo and slogan we can move this to venues with higher traffic.

Hope you all had a splendid weekend and may you have a work week that’s nothing short of extraordinary.

P.S. I realize how hideous the msn Arabic in the circle is but photoshop is being difficult, would highly welcome assistance.


9 thoughts on “Going Local – Take Off Revisited

  1. I like the logo’s idea sooooooooooooo mcuh. But I have these comments:

    1) I Believe that ( masane3na awla beena ) should be written in arabic, that way we won’t need another Arabic one. Besides it would look more professional.

    2) I’d suggest a revision for the Egypt map, the 7alayeb region should be looking differently.

  2. Jessyz: PLEASE volunteer for photoshop duty! 🙂

    Belya: I KNOW! I totally agree, but I have photoshop 3 and it doesn’t understand Arabic as words only as letters! :S Will check regarding the map.

  3. @jessyz I have ME .. probably tell me what u need to change and I’ll do it for u. Tomorrow I’m off day long and will love to help.

    As well, new ps doesn’t need ME edition to write arabic 😉

  4. Jessyz: THANKS. I got yours will e-mail you my feedback.

    Lasto Adri: Basically the text “masna3na awla beena” should be in Arabic rather than Arabic in English letters. Also open to any totally different logo suggestions.

    Nerro: THANKS!

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