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Every other day my phone goes off and it’s an sms to the effect of “Boycott Danish goods” or “Show solidarity to Palestine, boycott US products”. This has held true for Dutch products and of course products coming from the occupied territories. Now I’m all for it. I’m sure the 3 mobile operators are making a killing. Yet that’s not my concern. EU manufacturers have started to label goods as “Made in the EU”, them Europeans stick together and I applaud that, 3o2balna ya 3arab. So now your options are, being a devout concerned Arab citizen and all, is to boycott all US and EU products. So basically your options currently is to buy Asian.

I have a different proposition for you. Lets buy Egypt! Lets buy Arab products. Even better lets produce Arab products. Walk into your local supermarket and tally up what percentage of the products you’ve bought were manufactured locally. Then think to your purchase decision mechanism, did you automatically dismiss the local substitute for the global brand?

I know it’s a lot to ask, and that yes you’ll miss your gourmet coffees, teas and meals. Yet for a change. Lets be proactive. Lets BUY EGYPT!


21 thoughts on “Buy Egypt

  1. *claps really hard* I hate those boycott messages. First of all because I hate being told what to do and nagged to do it. Second of all most of the boycott emails have no basis that these companies are aiding or not aiding the causes.

    As for buying Egyptian, this is exactly what we need. Our economy needs it regardless of what is going on in the rest of the world and once we understand that we need to help ourselves before expecting anyone else to help us we will finally be on the road to some improvement.

  2. The idea in theory is great, and I’ve thought of it many times. It’s appealing and I am personally all for it, and am willing to suffer a bit but let me be the voice of reason. Buy Egypt means supporting all those companies who cheat with materials, quality and components and telling them it’s okay you don’t have to learn how to be efficient, you don’t have to learn how to provide good service, we’ll buy your products anyway and you can make some money.

    Why do Egyptians raise prices of everything local and imported even when the cost of making it drops? I wish buy egypt were the answer… I really do.

  3. Brilliant; I am all for that one ya Juka, seriously if you looked around you might some some good substitutes.
    P.S: Shahin and Naggar offers some good coffee variety

  4. Easier said than done ya Juka, have you seen the quality of the products in question? I wish it were an option, but its not and that allege is based on trial! Will promise you to try again, but I don’t have my hopes up (and you already know that I’m not spoilt brand brat, right?)

  5. Nerro: That’s the spirit!

    D: Yeah, but honestly in some cases one doesn’t even give the local brand a chance. I’m talking about weekly grocery staples. And yes dear I know you are not a spoilt brand prat ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I’ve an offline exercise for us tayeb, let’s list whatever products we have in mind dowm, compare them and provide those listings to our friends and in our blogs. We can also ask our blog readers to contribute to those listing and we update them regularly. what do you think?

  7. Wow…. I was having this very same conversation yesterday with a couple of colleagues here at work! I was trying to convince them to buy the local products – you know Indians did it before when they were occupied by the Brits. And now, they are self-sufficient people. I am not for buying Asians products because eventually we will lose the “producing spirit” and turn totally into “consuming” people (I know we’re close to that but not totally there).

    I do salute you for the initiative and I am very much for making that list of locally produced products.

  8. Design a logo & start a campaign . ( not kidding )

    But one more thing, this is a 2 party deal, consumers and producers. Producers should keep their part of the deal & live up to the competition.

    Long live 3ammoo 7osny, ela al-ga7eem ya Macdonald’s ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. Will E.: I agree with you. This should not turn into local is great even if local sucks. Just more of an invitation to try the local product, you might be pleasantly surprised.

    Nerro: Decided to give this more prep time to take Belya’s suggestions into consideration. Will work on it over the weekend.

    Mermaid: Sure, e-mail me your thoughts.

    Belya: Fair enough! Will have some of my photoshop friends dabble around, if you have a design in mind please share it.

  10. take your time, am waiting aho and looking forward, your project will be my next initiatives coverage in Global Voices. I am all for promoting quality Egyptian products, this might raise the bar for other producers by the way…and lakadar allah you might feel compelled to surpass their competitors in the market maslan.

  11. “Let’s buy Egypt back” or “Buy back Egypt” or “Buy what our rulers have sold… buy Egypt” or “Buy our soul back” …

    or… “We’re buying Egypt, even if it costs us our lives, which it probably will” .. with all the double meaning ๐Ÿ™‚

    Good luck with the campaign. Keep me posted ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. i think its good ideia buy egypt productes yo know that all clothes that we importing from us is egyptian cotton yes we export them cotton and import clothes and we dnt buy our clothes that made in egypt this very good ideia and we can Depends on other energy sources such as alternative energy we can do that by preparing recycling we must make a group in facebook if there are a group in facebook it will be good just give me the link

    nice blog i wish to visit my blog i hve wrote post complete this post ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Mowaten Misry: Please join our nationwide campaign, as you can read above, we are moving the campaign to facebook to increase it’s visibility. Please take part. Go Local.

    Marc: Thanks! As do I, you can help make it that way, feel free to put the logo on your website and to link to our facebook group. Also e-mail us your thoughts at

  14. Will E.: We’ve moved to facebook, going with “Going Local” for now. As resident skeptic, please lead the complaint division, there is a whole dedicated thread on the facebook group.

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