Men gheir ma Gjoe te2ool :)

The un-official bucket list a-la-Gjoez:

  • Bike through Italy, Safari in Kenya, dance in the streets of Brazil, snorkel around the Australian reef, pray in Palestine and take a photo sitting cross-legged on the floor in the square in front of the Kremlin.
  • Learn a new language (flexible on what the language is, although leaning towards Spanish due to the abundance of practice buddies).
  • Learn to play one jazz song on my piano or Sax.
  • Write and publish a book that means a lot to me and which becomes a worldwide (ok, fine! regional or local) best-seller.
  • Jump out of a plane (preferably with a co-conspirator who understands the beauty of that experience).
  • Drive a fancy sports car (hopefully my own) on a clear highway at more than 220 KM/H. (Yes, once a gaming junkie forever a gaming junkie; feel free to roll your eyes!)
  • Start my own business consultancy firm.
  • Have an interesting conversation with Queen Rania of Jordan. (I’ve already heard her speak live and that was very inspirational.)
  • Get cited as someone’s role model!
  • Work on scratching out items from this list everyday πŸ™‚

18 thoughts on “Men gheir ma Gjoe te2ool :)

  1. I can help you scratch one off your list, if you manage to do any of the above, I promise to site you a role model. πŸ˜€ consider it my good karma deed of the day.

  2. Yeeeeeaaaaay!

    An amazing list of stuff you have up there! If you ever wrote a book, which I sure see it coming soon, I would want my ehdaa2 on the book!

    Then I want a “laffa” with that sports car, and consider me totally in in that “Jump out of the plane” scheme πŸ˜€

    Oh, and I also wanted to second Jessyz here, I do honestly look up to you in many many aspects!

  3. Naahce!
    The jumping out of a plane thing reminded me of something of similar exhilaration I was about to do while I was working on my bachelor project in Germany.. and that was to bunjee jump from a platform 190 meters high. Too bad it got canceled because of the weather =(

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  5. Rjay: Yeah, Queen Rania totally rocks! You are too sweet. Am a mega fan of the sister. Take a look at the category “prose”, let me know if I stand a chance at that book target.

  6. I had a conversation with Queen Rania!

    Well, granted, the conversation was as follows:

    Me: “good evening, your majesty!”
    Her: (smiles and nods)
    Photographer: *flash*flash*
    Queen’s aide: “This way please!”

    So, hmm, yeah. Well at least I got to keep the photo.

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