Things I’ve Learned

  • Just because you have valid reason to be on EU soil on a specific date doesn’t mean the EU embassies in Cairo will assist you in being there at that time. Teases often include giving you the visa 4 days too late resulting in you missing that original business meeting.
  • I’d rather have no boss, no guidance, no management whatsoever, than be micro-managed; the latter just drives me insane.
  • I enjoy doing stuff more when things are for the benefit of other people, than when they are things I’m obligated to do for myself.
  • I sulk.
  • I could spend a year attempting to write a proposal for my thesis, never actually do it, then start and finish an MBA to recover. Yet when asked to spend a day helping a friend write her, it took a grand total of 2 hours and felt like a piece of cake. Out of fairness there was a 3 year time frame between trying to write mine and writing hers, perhaps one’s brain has matured.
  • That theory and practice are two completely different things, lets hope MM picks up on that as well before they actually securitize the entire public sector.
  • You can fall out of friendship, and it feels equally awkward.

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