My day in headlines

  • USA gets it’s first black president! (Personally, couldn’t care less, but have really good friends who are mega Obama supporters who have GOT HOPE 😉 so for their sake, YAY them!!)
  • I spent at least 2 hours in Banque Misr trying to get a statement of my account for the last 6 month in English printed on the bank official letter head and stamped (needed it for official business). Apparently I would have had better luck if I had asked for one of her kidneys with a side of grey matter!!!
  1. Banque Misr’s system operates only in ARABIC!
  2. Printing on bank official letter head is against company policy!!
  3. She could provide a document stating stock rather than flow on bank official letter head in Arabic if I could wait another hour, or in English if I can spare a week because it has to be sent to the HQ for translation!!!
  • Our company valet in parking my car on the pavement somewhere managed to nip some oil cable and crack some sorta container resulting in a pool of wasted Mobil1 and an inoperable vehicle. I spent the majority of the remainder of my day coordinating with the valet, the mechanic and my helpful in-house office boy to get the task done. It took 4 bloody hours to weld the damn thing!! Elhamdollelah happy to report that my car is fully operational and good to go (for now).

3 thoughts on “My day in headlines

  1. Jessyz: I have a good bank, that operates in this century, but as Nerro eloquently pointed out, my money loses value by the minute sitting in that account. Don’t get me wrong, it loses value in Banque Misr as well, just at a slower rate.

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