For the Love of God

Would people PLEASE stop telling me that it’s ONLY a year!

I mean where do you get off using “only” and “a year” in the same sentence. It’s a YEAR! 12 month! Too lazy to do simple math for hours and seconds; but just too damn LONG!

Damn it people! Egyptians have no sense of the value of time. Even less of how slow it can pass when you are waiting.

Side note: If you have not seen the Amr Salama movie, please go see it.


3 thoughts on “For the Love of God

  1. I totally agree with jessyz, you see when you were in kindergarten, they told you.. its only 16 more years of education and you’re done.. and you outlived them.. if not more! But knowing how sane you are, you probably have the right to be that mad!

  2. Jessyz: I don’t know, I have a flair for the melodramatic, it’s never ONLY A YEAR!

    D: Yeah and they were long and painstaking at the time, looking back you say “look how time flew” but in reality when in the midst of things time-goes-by-so-slowly 😉

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