Shalimar the Clown

Everywhere you went a few of the dead were studied and remembered; and these were the best of the dead, the least dead, living in the world’s memory. The less celebrated, less advantaged dead were content to be kept alive within a few loving (or even hating) breasts, even in a single human heart, within the frontiers of which they could laugh and chatter and make love and behave well and badly and go to Hitchcock movies and vacation in Spain and wear embarrassing dresses and enjoy gardening and hold controversial opinions and commit unforgivable crimes and tell their children they loved them more than life.


2 thoughts on “Shalimar the Clown

  1. N: Hmm, average book. I would say skip it. My co-worker is a raving fan of Rushdie’s though, he’s claiming I picked a boring one. So I wouldn’t scratch out the author just yet.

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