We argue the point, the point is to disagree

“You scare me..”

The words catch me by total surprise. I am grateful that I had already swallowed the sip of Fanta or else I’m pretty sure I would have choked on it. My eyes must have bulged out of my head as my neck snapped my head up to look at her. My ears must be deceiving me. There is no way in hell she could have said that, let alone meant me.

“I beg your pardon.”

“You scare me.”

“How so? Please tell me that it is in a Ziad Burji way and the intended phrase is “I fear for you”!”

She smiled, the way an adult would smile at a 3 year old’s amusing antics.

“Those capable of great loves, of great acts of love, of this level of obsessive behavior, must be equally capable to go the other way. I can’t imagine the damage you would do if you hated someone. The lengths that you would go to. The revenge that you would seek.”

Damn! I have R.E.M running through my head, then again I have that song running through my head all the bloody time.I rolled my glass between my hands contemplating the words I was hearing.

“I see.”

“What do you do when you hate someone?”

“I can’t think of a case where I’ve actually hated someone. Those I fail to see eye to eye with to an extent that life becomes difficult, I simply cease knowing. I figure not having the benefit of being a friend of mine is punishment enough, no major vendetta necessary!”

Typical to escape to cynicism. Only my mind was reeling. I sit here wondering even as I type this. Is her premise true? Am I capable of such great evil when provoked sufficiently? It felt wierd coming from someone who knows you really well. Who is generally very favoured by you.


2 thoughts on “We argue the point, the point is to disagree

  1. I find that people who love with great passion and have great passion in general can not hate at the same capacity, perhaps I think because for them love and hate are not two ends on the same street, they are on parallel streets and for them to cross to go to the other side is really hard for them.

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