Welcome to the dark side

So apparently I have a dark side. I can be obsessive. I can be stalker-ish. I can be a deranged fan. I can actually scare people. I’ve managed to freak out an unsuspecting victim. Moreover they are being extremely nice about it, I’m unsure on the correct course of action.

I used to be such a stable individual. It’s a damn shame those days are gone.

I need toning, you know, the way your piano does sometimes, when you’ve been playing it for too long, the strings become loose and the sounds gets distorted. Then the nice man with the tools comes and tightens the bolts and your piano sounds heavenly once again. Provided you know how to play of course.

I believe I do harbour elements of insanity. I’d like to think that I’m not dangerous per say. Although I’m not certain about much these days. Doubtful I’d hurt them though. Don’t think I’d hurt me. Can’t promise to guarantee the same for those dumb enough to attempt to hurt them though.


6 thoughts on “Welcome to the dark side

  1. spend the evening lying down on the roof of your house … and watch the sky as it turns from blue to black…
    if u’re in alex as your picture shows then it’s gonna be a heavenly experience …
    happy unwinding

  2. Let me break some news to you: we all have a dark side. There is a Mr. (Mrs?) Hyde in every one of us, the trick is just to make sure s/he does not surface uninvited 🙂
    And I think I like your elements of insanity. Stable people are boring anyway.

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