I’m your person …

Dear Meredith,

A random question managed to trigger that waterfall of emotions. You are having cold feet. I understand where you are coming from, but should not let external variables affect that decision. What we have before us is looking more and more like Sophie’s choice to you. On one hand a career path that’s semi-guaranteed at one of the most influential locations in this country. The post you are leaving, is one that your skill-set far exceeds. Don’t let the sudden mass interest in the post convince you otherwise. On the other hand you have a chance to realize a life long dream, a chance to study at one of (if not) the greatest universities worldwide. You have a chance at becoming more than a scholar, you have a chance at becoming academia, at bringing new to the field of development.

I am not saying it will be easy. In retrospect I’m pretty sure it is going to be difficult, but that’s the kind of challenge that I know brings out the best in you. I have no doubt that you will sail through those courses with flying colours. That you will return to the mother land a PhD in the field of development. That you will then be yourself the highly coveted consultant for all major policy and developmental agencies in Egypt.

Remember that just because your current job seems to be the end of the road to most; their Everest, doesn’t mean at all that it’s your Everest, for I know you have much steeper slopes to climb and much higher altitudes to reach.

I’m your person… I would like nothing more than for you to stay put. To be able to see you weekly. To show up at your door whenever fancy strikes me. To be able to call at all times. To just drive around doing nothing or sit down and critique food at all the joints in Cairo. Yet in all that selfishness I can’t imagine you not going. I can’t tell you that they are right. That you ought to have cold feet. That the decision is difficult.

In my eyes the decision is easy. The answer is obvious. The fears are unsubstantiated. Go Meredith. Change the world. Like only you could. If you don’t trust your better judgement. Trust mine.



I\'m your person


2 thoughts on “I’m your person …

  1. For a second i thought you were talking to me (which would, unflatteringly, make me Meredith) but obviously you weren’t, so…
    a) are you psychic???
    b) Good luck to your friend, whatever s/he decides to do.

  2. Mo: LOL! No sir, I’ll have you know all Grey’s Anatomy references to you would probably be Mc Dreamy 😛 Will pass her your good luck wishes 🙂 Best of luck to you too amigo!

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