Urbanly defined


A Tibetan slang word for ‘all westerners irrespective of their country of origin.’ More properly lengthened to Inji goser. The word is used by all age groups and describes the predominant physical feature of the stereotypical foreigner directly translated as ‘yellow head.’

Inji means ‘westerner.’

Source: The Urban Dictionary


6 thoughts on “Urbanly defined

  1. Urban Dictionary… Didn’t check that crazy site a while now ( You were the first one to tell me about it a year ago ๐Ÿ˜› ), I’ll try

    An expression used to refer to some one who is immensely cool, and has style unrivalled by any one else.
    “yo, did u see that dude, he’s so hassan its not true”
    Okay, I think it is broken now…

  2. It just popped in my head now to check my own name, and OMG!!

    This is what I got:

    Dina is a born actress. A mysterious, intellegent, beautiful, exotic, sneaky, women. She lives her life leaving permanente foot prints in every ones heart and mind she meets even the ones she hurts, getting everything she wants. She has a hypnotizing way with people. You just can’t get enough of her mystery and beauty even when you know her sexy devilish ways. she’s dangerous yet everyone that she passes falls permanently in love with her.
    Dina fooled me into loving her and toke all I had, but still I can’t get enough of her.

    I wish I can stay away from dina but her mysterious ways are irresistable.

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