Rachel Ray an Islamic Fundamentalist?

Read this; it really is priceless!


Insane! For real!


5 thoughts on “Rachel Ray an Islamic Fundamentalist?

  1. I saw that a couple of weeks back, funny stuff! I hate the hipster keffiyeh trend because 90% of the rich kids wearing it don’t even know what it is besides being trendy (I mean it comes in mauve and lime green!) but that wasn’t even a keffiyeh, it was a floral scarf or something.
    The only thing offensive about Rachel Ray is her voice…and face…and laugh…etc. your get the point :).

  2. Actually, she’s quite a tiny woman. She’s just awkwardly proportioned. RR is just one of those people (along with Dr.Phil) who makes me want to punch my monitor. She’s just SO incredibly annoying…my GOD.
    Nigella Lawson on the other hand, is both curvy and charming. See? I’m fair. 😀

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