Hallo people,

Back from said project at soul-less city.

Overall things went well, despite personal reservations on methodology.

Dubai in itself is interesting enough. Growing up in a family of engineers and being given the task of arduously photographing the fancy buildings for their digital library I spent the majority of my trip watching the constantly changing skyline.

The pace of life in Dubai puts Cairo’s alleged franticness to shame! Workaholics is probably an understatement in reference to our team. At a second glance though, not all of Dubai residents are all work and no play. Evidence of that are the looooooooooong taxi ques at shopping malls and night spots.

That’s the other thing, due to construction on the mono-rail (and other total random construction) Dubai hosts an immense number of cranes which are constantly working leading to a loud din that’s become part of the Dubai soundtrack in addition to constant sand storms and overall stuffiness. Plus for those of you not blessed with a job walking distance from their home, the endless detours have made traffic near to unbearable. If I never ride in another Toyota Camry until the day I die that would be too soon.

In retrospect I guess the best part of the trip was not the shopping (I’m like soooo incredibly broke and in debt to at least 3 banks, no thanks to credit cards), nor the outings (although Jumeirah is pretty nice people) and definitely not the work. I believe the best part has been the chance to see old friends that I had not seen in years, 10 years in the case of high school crowd and 3 in the case of university pals who’d relocated to Dubai. Having them drive up and/or fly in to see me, was incredibly amazing.

Jouj, i still don’t believe you came through on your “just say when”! I’m touched! I had a blast, hope you all did too!

Can’t begin to tell you how nice it is to be back in this polluted city behind the driving wheel of my car needling in and out of traffic 🙂 Cairo’s got soul!


2 thoughts on “Back…

  1. welcome back 🙂
    I hated Dubai too, I find it fake and lifeless as you described… a big shopping mall!
    and as I’m not really interested in shopping just for shopping, I don’t enjoy my stay there…
    and before I went there, I never imagined they would have such traffic problems!

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