Karma is gonna get you!

Me and the Sushi Grand Master had made plans to go out for sushi at this new place in Mohandseen (ZO, really nice, you guys ought to try it), but when she made it to her office in the morning and I got her on msn she was FUMING. Apparently the day before she had noticed that her cellphone charger is missing from the car, she had not thought much of it, she asked their garage attendant and he told her she’d probably forgotten it at home. Having looked all over her house that evening, she was pretty sure it had been stolen from her car. So on the morning of our planned sushi night she storms into their parking lot and starts fighting with the attendants on how they leave the vehicles open with the key in them, an invitation to thieves to take the car or at least ransack it.

Typical of all individuals at fault, they take her storm as an indication that she’s personally accusing them of stealing it, and rather than show remorse for negligence they started getting angry and ganging up on her. In despair she goes back up, logs on and tells me about all this. She is too worked up to do anything. To her the day is completely ruined, charger stolen, morning fight, no justice on earth.

We decide to call the outing off and cast a curse upon the thief, may the charger blow up in his face, may it short circuit, may he not get a chance to enjoy it 🙂

Two hours later, we are back on. She plays it out for the entire day refusing to tell me what happened and leaving me in suspense. When we meet up and after we’ve ordered she tells me the following unbelievable tale. Karma does really get you!

Apparently the person who stole the charger is her boss’s driver. He is oblivious of the fact that this is her car. It turns out the charger is designed for the newer Nokia models and is not compatible with his phone. He goes to the secretariat of the senior he drives around and tries to sell her the charger claiming he’d bought it from Abdelazziz to discover it’s not compatible. My SGM had already had the far sight to mail all co-workers warning them about the theft. Hence when the secretary was approached she put two and two together.

They then started an elaborate plan to bring him to confess, brining in corporate security, head of garage attendants and the boss himself. A series of interrogations with anyone who might have seen anything and finally actually just giving the charger to my SGM. The guy freaked out at that point and started back tracking on his story, claiming he’d bought it off one of the security guards and that it was originally the SGM’ 🙂

So basically boys and girls, crime doesn’t pay, and Karma is gonna get you 🙂


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