Your Grace

Honesty is overrated.

I promise to go see a surgeon about severing that link between my brain and my tongue that does not pass by the centers responsible for social finesse and emotional intelligence. Or perhaps reroute it.

This luncheon went sour and much as I try I can not stress how apologetic I am. This from a person who hates being wrong… who hates being sorry. Yet on this particular count I’m both!

I’m haunted by that sentence, and by it’s affect on you. I meant not to indicate that given a choice that day I would drop you without thinking in her favor.  That must have been completely inconsiderate to hear. I assure you, it’s not the meaning I was going for, not even an idea I would entertain nor consider.

I fear stressing the following without seeming to be sucking up to you, yet feel obligated to do so since it would seem I don’t do it enough:

I think you are amazing! I don’t make friends hap-hazardly! I’ve wanted to meet/talk to/ be friends with from minute one! I love the air with which you carry yourself and the sweetness and personality that you exude. I’ve had a blast knowing you and would love to continue to know you. Your friendship means the world to me.

Having said the previous, I have issues (you know that by now) amongst which is an unsubstantiated fear of standing to gain by being friends with my friends. Hence I can’t help but be extra self-conscious around you. In retrospect, it is unavoidable, if not in a million other different ways, I stand to gain the pleasure of your company.

I apologize if my insecurities caused you distress.

I didn’t mean to imply that who he his defined who you are. You are an amazing enough person in your own right. A princess begad!

One last time before I go… I’m extremely, truly, honestly SORRY!


3 thoughts on “Your Grace

  1. Anyone who knows you, not necessarily very tightly, will let it pass.I join Operon’s opinon, Pleez let it pass ya Inji’s friend!

    Inji, your issues are a lot less serious than those of almost anyone I know, so don’t be too harsh on You! You iz just great the way you are!

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