On milestones and targets

Just curious, for those younger than 25, what are your expectations of the kind of things you would have liked to accomplish by the age of 25. Think career, education, love and life in general.

For those at or past the market, what were your targets at 16? What percentage came true by 25?

Did you stand as I do know looking back and wondering if you gave it your best shot?


3 thoughts on “On milestones and targets

  1. Personally, I know I didn’t do my best at almost anything, but sometimes I think its all not worth it! I don’t know how well rounded up a human being I am no relative to the other options. I don’t have an objective for 25, but I have a goal, it is basically about the constant career dilemma I’m living through.. It is ‘to get a sense of direction and select a direction for both work and study’. Sadly, all my objectives start in my forties! Have a lovely 25 ya Juka, you truly deserve it! I don’t think I mentioned this but I think you’re really one of the nicest people I’ve met! 🙂

  2. At 16 i thought: when im 25 ill be engaged/married working in the media industry or some governmental job.. while the work part sort of happened.. im glad that im didnt get married young.. i obviously wasnt ready at 23! im 27 and doing my masters – much better! and im traveling as much as possible..:) life is never what u think its going to be..

  3. Hmm. As a 25er to be (in 3 months, mark your calendars) I have no real intention to reflect on my history. 25 is too short an evaluation period.
    This said… here is what I think I did. My underlying philosophy has always been this: If I die tomorrow, I want to smiling and knowing that I have nothing to regret, that I have led an exhilarating life.
    You know how my life is and what I do.

    Now I’m starting to wonder if, well, maximising the benefit of today didn’t come at the expense of tomorrow.

    A couple of years ago I was on a completely different path. And I was supposed to have finished my PhD by the age of 24 (no kidding). Well, I didn’t. I haven’t had a long term job and I am happily single.

    Life is like a lousy waiter in an excellent restaurant: it never brings you what you order – but whatever it brings is usually very good.

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