Nazareyet El 7alla Elsokhna

This is an under-utilized local theorem. Not sure how it originated, but I’m guessing in the kitchens of one of the khedawis 😉

You know how you could be sitting on your desk (this was especially true back when I worked with one of our ministers) and a paper would land on your desk and initially it would be addressed to the minister. Yet along the way it had aquired a great number of referrals. Minister would jot XX please handle. XX would pass it to YY in a different department all together. He would then assign it to YZ one of his subordinates who in turn will transfer it to a different subdepartment for execution wheras ZZ assigns it to ZX who defers it to CY and so on and so forth till 20 signatures later it’s on your desk.

THAT ladies and gents is nazareyet el 7alla elsokhna. (Scalding hot pot theorem)


2 thoughts on “Nazareyet El 7alla Elsokhna

  1. Hey hun, long time no see! (see? speak? read? 🙂
    Amusingly enough, I just got a halla sokhna on my desk about 15 minutes ago — from the Minister to my direct boss to my colleague and now to me. The person I was planning on passing on the halla to is off today however so I guess I’ll have to deal with it myself. Blah.

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