Collapsed Alex Building

This isn’t a news piece. Nor is it a political article.

Rather this post has a more humane and fragile motive. I write to you not based on contempt for the government for letting it get this far. Nor out of sheer anger at the owner of this doomed building.

I write to you as a person who has lost loved ones in that tragic event. One of the few survivors is an aunt. May God grant her patience and tolerance; for she has lost both her mother (my grandma) and a 20 year old daughter (a cousin) who was supposed to get engaged on New Year’s.

This is not a rant, instead it’s a plea. I ask you all to remember the victims of this horrendous crash in your prayers.


12 thoughts on “Collapsed Alex Building

  1. Allah yer7amhom gamee3an ya Inji… el baka2 lel Allah.. I’m extremely sorry to hear that, it’s a tragedy. They’re in my prayers, dear!

  2. I really hope they are going to be in a better place now… I really was shocked and depressed when I first heard of the first death, and then more after the second one (despite the fact I kind of lost hope)

    elbakaa llah…

  3. Juka! I’m terribly sorry for your loss. Elbaqaa2 Lelllaaah! I don’t know if you know this or not one of our common friends (from Alex, I think you know who I mean) lost 7 family members in that same tragedy. May God grant you both patience and I promise to pray for them.

  4. Sincere condoleances, darling. El Baqaa Lellah.
    I’m very sorry for your loss, and I hope your aunt is getting better.
    I’ve been off news for a little while and am just catching up with the outside world..
    Be well – and happy new year. It will be a great one, I’m sure!

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