Oh yeah, kol sanna wento tayebeen!

Had a deadline on some writing I actually get paid to do! Lame excuse I know!

ANYWAYS! The 3rd of December marked this blog’s first anniversary. Not sure it will live to see its second, but for the time being….

Hope this post finds all the kind readers and visitors well.

This year has been interesting. This blog has been a chance to vent, meet new people, share news, seek advice and connect with existing friends and acquaintances globally!

I had intended to bid you all adieu on the blog’s first anniversary… given I myself missed it. I promise a more thorough and better thought out goodbye post sometime soon.



5 thoughts on “Oh yeah, kol sanna wento tayebeen!

  1. Sou: All outta blog posts! Time to do something new for stress relief… thinking either kick-boxing or salsa… can’t make up my mind 😀

    OR: Who’s shutting it down, I’m just ending it… old posts will remain available 🙂

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