Won’t apologize for the absence, to do so would be to kid myself about the popularity of this digital space. Instead, just for documentation purposes… reviews of some of the movies in cinemas these days.

“1408” ~ Stephen King fans are in for a treat, naturally any movie falls short of the brilliance of a novel, yet this one is pretty good with the visuals. 1408 is a spook story, like most of King’s stories. It’s about a young man who claims to be fearless, who rationalizes all supernatural phenomena, who seeks these cheap thrills to expose them as the hoaxes they are. He seeks out this room, demands to stay in it, and suffers through that night for the majority of the screen time of the movie. Disadvantages of such a plot line is that it’s a one man show, if you like Cusack you’ll like it, if you don’t then chances are you’ll hate the movie. I found it quite fun and not the least bit scary. Samuel L Jackson was brilliant as always and some of the dialogue was really good. At one point when you think he’s ended it at a very stupid part you feel like getting up and leaving the theatre, but thank God he chooses to continue and instead ends it brilliantly.

Final verdict = 4 stars (only see if John Cusack fan)

” Mr. Brooks ” ~ Kevin Costner remembers that he once had an acting career. This is a really bloody movie, and if you’re watching an uncut version quite an R-rated one. Nevertheless, it’s an interesting depiction of a serial killer’s life. I actually liked this one. Perhaps even more than the previous. He was good in his role, twists were cute, liked the ending. Plus there is something about a movie where half the dialogue is with an imaginary character! You don’t usually get that kinda insanity outside your own head 🙂

Final verdict = 4.5 Watch it!!

“Heya Fawda” ~ Had the potential of being amazing. Didn’t have the usual vagueness and chaotic surrealism usually associated with its famed director. Was a very real plausible story. Menna Shalaby was brilliant, as was Khaled Sale7. I’m glad Hala Sedky is acting again. The rest of the cast where all fine in their respective roles. The plot line was weak in some parts and the entire second half of the movie had no rhythm. So if you overlook the slow pace and the excessively expected ending, overall a good show and very reflective of our miserable status quo.

Final verdict = 4 


2 thoughts on “Movies

  1. Impressive, am glad it is past the anniversary of ur blog and u r bloggin ^^ .. me & sou were so pissed off about that the other day.. if u quit blogging, that is. 🙂

    anyhow, 1408 is amazing as a matter of fact, I watched it twice.. however, there were a couple of gay boyfriends in front of me in the theatre who actually left when he first exited the room “poor’em” .. I did not comment though , they were annoyingly touching all over the screenplay .. and u know how that is annoying for a single guy 😛

  2. OR: I like the new DP. Hmmm blogging is a phase.. so it’s ok for it to end. Like all hobbies, you must quit while it’s still enjoyable.. to be able to come back.

    Why would you see it twice?? You already know what’s gonna happen :S

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