Random and late

My visa came through! Finally! So was in Dubai. Back now. Had to get a sponsor (a kafeel) felt like the “hired help” awy!Funny thing is my sponsor is a woman and a European who is also a SWF and apparently that’s good enough for the UAE government. Go figure!

Reading “Muhajababes”. I’m not sure I like it, almost done though. The concept itself is quite clever and the title is right on the money. Reading the book I felt like I was reading a documentary film. One with a chaotic plotline and a weak narrarator. She would have done much better with a camera than with a paper and pencil. It’s always interesting to see yourself through the eyes of the other. See Cairo reduced to Amr Khaled, Ahly vs. Zamalek, Hejab vs. Feminism and finally 7araket Kefaya. Upon relaying that view to friends, they agreed with her! I’m not sure I do!

Finally watched The Prestige (see post below about The Illusionist in which commentors told me to go see The Prestige). Good movie, superb ending BUT I still like The Illusionist more! Go figure!

Watched “No Reservations” this Saturday.. all I can say is BLAND!

There wasn’t a single decent movie this Eid!

Finally: If you were an Idlemind fan… a moment in silence in tribute to a great band that is no more.


15 thoughts on “Random and late

  1. I know I already that, But “Welcome Back”, The internet was boring without any new Juka blog entries…

    I didn’t really understand the second paragraph of the blog, but i tried to understand as much as I can (looks like I’m going for an another C english)

    Oh great, my holiday is ruined, No good Video Games, Not a fan of Arabian movies, and you are not enjoying the English Movies…

    and the most thing that annoys me in Egypt is the Ahly vs Zamalek ****, It’s like Ahly is country and Zamalek is a country that are in a huge war…

    Also, what is 7araket Kefaya, does that has to do with politics?

    Anyways, hope i didn’t bore you with my ranting and moaning (as I always do), and Welcome Back Juka…

  2. Fantastic, I agree with you .. The Illusionist is CERTAINLY much better than The Prestige .. but they’re both very good movies .. SERIOUSLY

    I have No reservations here “Kofta brought it to me” .. something is wrong with it and it does not open :S .. I guess saying it was BLAND makes me feel better that I did not miss a lot .. anyhow Catherine Zeta Jones started to climb down the mountain of glory since The Mask Of Zorro II .. she looked damn old with that .. I mean she ripped off poor Michael Douglas, she should afford some Buttox on her face..

    Edward Norton did a fantastic job in The Illusionist, sad enough I will not be able to catch it on MBC 2 next Monday . cos I am working that night “Dammit”

    Gtg Now .. It is Thursday night and guess where I am off to .. WORK.. My Life SUX… ThanX god I have ma Zen to keep me SANE!

    Takkeir sweets.. Great POST

  3. “Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean it is not real?” << I did not notice that, But hey, WONDERFUL.. the right quote to make me smile 😛

    Oh.. did u hear? J.K Rowling announced that Dumbledore is GAY!

  4. Welcome back..

    Glad you finally got your Visa!

    Anyway, I heard Muhjababes sucked.. I really wanted to read it to.. but the person said the same thing about it being more like a bad documentary. The book seemed to have a lot more potential…

    I am sad to hear about No Reservations being so crappy.. was planning on going tomorrow. I really wish there were some good movies out!

  5. OR: You poor thing, rabena ye3eennak.

    🙂 glad you found the quote amusing + LOL

    Nora: Yeah! My sponsor for president! Sorry about the cinematic let down, perhaps a different film for tomorrow.

  6. JUKA!
    welcome back , welcome back , welcome back…Imagine that I was singing that 😀
    I think I’ve seen the story of No reservations in about 4 movies before. Bland is right .

  7. I’m delighted you made it to Dubai! Hilarious that your kafeel was a woman (which is, well, quite telling at the absurdity of the whole thing). Oh yeah, and a non-muslim!

    I hope the trip was successful and enjoyable – and that you managed to cram all those you wanted to see in your tight executive schedule!

  8. Ravine: Thanks love

    Mohamed: loool 😉 yeah me too,hope you had an equally pleasant time. Next stop somewhere in black africa I hope. you? how is the world treating you thus far?

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