Right before the Eid vacation I had been served an unhealthy dose of reality and discrimination that dropped me from cloud nine to the jagged rocks below. Spoiled as I am, this isn’t about not having things my way, rather about being punished for someone else’s sins.

I’ve basically cooled off now but following that ominous phone call last week I had been aggravated, infuriated, disappointed, crushed and extremely offended at the stupidity and the audacity of the UAE government. I work for a multinational with regional headquarters in Dubai. My boss had called me in for some work meetings with clients because they needed an Arabic speaking economist. They applied for a VISA for me to fly there for a week starting the 16th. I reserved a ticket and scanned and sent them passport pages.

A day before Eid they get called and told that the VISA request is denied. Upon asking what the grounds were they get told the following:

She’s a single Egyptian female under the age of 30 traveling unaccompanied by a me7rem!!

My boss is not an Arab, so to the poor guy the concept is completely alien. Even to me, I understand that this is a requirement in Saudi Arabia, but this is DUBAI for God’s sake. I grew up there. It’s the city I’ve called home for YEARS. They won’t give me access based on a sick generalization inspired by the misconduct of a rare few. I am extremely angry right now, more so at the bunch of girls giving us a reputation that dire that the UAE government is no longer welcoming.

I have no more to say and it’s taking every ounce of restraint not to curse.


16 thoughts on “SWF

  1. Ouff!! I can’t believe it! When on earth will people grow out of the closed boxes of regulations! In your shoes, I would’ve been infuriated! An undergrad friend of mine was denied a Schengen VISA for the following senseless reason ” He has nothing to go back to”! Grrr!

  2. WTF??? This ain’t normal…. I know someone who just got back from UAE and she’s Egyptian female less than 30 years with no me7rem…. this can’t be the real reason… it’s an excuse…. maybe they’ve hit the max visas for the month or some other stupid reason. But think about it this way…. something bad was going to happen if you had gone. Maybe next time. 🙂

  3. Sad that fellow arab females are relagated to the 2nd class pile…..there double standard makes me fume……Now I know the reason why UN staff are issued “UN” passports….

  4. That’s unbelieveable! One would think that after Dubai became the Arab World’s biggest commercial center, things would be much better there. I personally saw all nationalities working in Dubai, many of them are young females. So, what’s up?
    Don’t be angry, Juka. They’re the losers. What kind of growing economy are they aspiring with such mentality?

  5. TOTALLY irrelevant but: awwwww…. I love “The tell-tale heart” !!

    More relevant: that’s why I came up with my get-married-then-widowed plan! somehow in my head I made believe that it would make things easier around here.. like maybe a little bit more freedom and space and society interference (etc..) .. I just never got around how to actually carry out that plan!

  6. That from a country that imports prostitutes? Were they trying to get this from Sharjah or Dubai or AD?

    More and more I feel that we’re trampled upon, Arabs trample over their women and Europeans trample over their Arabs.

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