5 Things That Make Being 3 Great

Om Luji tagged me so interrupting my Ramadan break to bring you these short messages.

Five things that make being a three year old great:

  1. Almost everything is a new experience and results in a thrill of discovery.
  2. No matter what you wear or how dishevelled you are you always look cute as a button.
  3. You have your whole life before you, you could be anyone, do anything.
  4. Making friends is a breeze, almost all the kids around have similar interests and want to play.
  5. You have a license to question. Which everybody tolerates and encourages.

If you are reading and care to be tagged, Tag you’re IT! 😛


5 thoughts on “5 Things That Make Being 3 Great

  1. LOL, for the past 8 years or so (could be more) I’ve had only one impossible wish: and that is to be 3 years old again and forever!! I keep saying that all the time to everyone I know!!

    The reasons you mentioned are cool… and sooooo true 😀

  2. Liked no.4 so much. That’s so true 😀 Making friends was so easy and that you had to worry about was that nobody ruins your toys. Also that life was ahead of us.. Oh my God! I wanted to be a doctor back then. I remember that my dad brought me a Doctor’s Kit when I was 3. I was like over the moon 🙂

  3. i am back.. actually i was never away, but i was following up silently.. but what is silence? just an inhibition of feelings.. we are created to see, to hear, to feel, to touch, to taste.. and to talk.. silence is unnatural..

    so here i am..

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