Man and Superman

I could give you a thousand instances; but they all come to the same thing: the power that governs the earth is not the power of Life but of Death; and the inner need that has nerved Life to the effort of organizing itself into the human being is not the need for higher life but for a more efficient engine of destruction. The plague, the famine, the earthquake, the tempest were too spasmodic in their action; the tiger and crocodile were too easily satiated and not cruel enough: something more constantly, more ruthlessly, more ingeniously destructive was needed; and that something was Man, the inventor of the rack, the stake, the gallows, and the electrocutor; of the sword and gun; above all, of justice, duty, patriotism and all the other isms by which even those who are clever enough to be humanely disposed are persuaded to become the most destructive of all the destroyers. ~ Shaw


5 thoughts on “Man and Superman

  1. You are a muse ya Juka..i had this book but my sister “god bless her” decided that Shaw’s books look better with Nescafe stains gracing the fav act was The Devil,ok..i am running out of ink on my list of books to buy

    saba7 el 7’air ya Jux..have a great day,thanks again

  2. Good morning 🙂 Would be happy to loan you my copy! Just say when. These days starting Ahdaf’s The Map of Love, will probably postpone this ambitious project post-Ramadan though!

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