Home Sweet Home

My Harvard grad posed an interesting question on his blog this week.

When things go dark and you ‘want to go home’, if only in your thoughts.. where is that home exactly?

Write in, would love to hear your answers.

Personally; in the 16 years I spent in the UAE, Alexandria was home, when I got upset at the world I just wanted back to Alex and the comfort of my grandparents house. Now that I’ve been in Cairo for almost 9 years, I’ve to admit, when the going gets tough, I wish I was back in that sea-side room in Abu Dhabi (building’s probably been ripped down and replaced with something taller, better and more luxurious); and for a second it feels like home.


18 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. ZC: Awwwww

    OR: Yikes!

    AA: Aaaah, Maadi dwellers and Maadi! I’ll never get it! Enjoy nevertheless. As of this instant I’m craving a Lucille’s breakfast!

  2. mmmmm..been a while since i last went to Lucille’s..this new job is killing me,Mohandeseen is really executing my soul

    i’d kill for a greek salad from Harris now though,salutes to our allies in Heliopolis

  3. yaa…sea side room in Abudhabi…i miss mine too…it is nice to have a city where almost everybody lives by the see…

  4. Juka, my point is that it’s never been linked to any place for me.. when I think of home I think of comfort, I don’t visit a place with my mind, I visit a state.. Can’t say I’ve never felt what home feels like, I can only say that it’s never been linked to a specific place.

  5. when i was in france, home was our couch in cairo under the quilt watching tv with my mom doing something around the house.. now that i am writing this comment from that couch i must admit it remains home…
    however, when i have no personal space, when i yearn for my independence, when i just want to be absolutely me, i will always ache for that kitchen of mine in the south of france…

    double sigh

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