Meanwhile prayers are highly appreciated 🙂

International Corporate Finance (Ise)

MBA  midterm! Keep telling myself that this is self-inflicted and I have lost all whining rights.


15 thoughts on “Be-right-back

  1. My heart goes out to you not only because you’re dear to me but because you’re one of the few ppl I know who are as unfortunate as I am to be examined at this “lovely” time of the year.
    Good luck 😀

  2. AA: Thanks! Click “MBA” keda and tell me what you think.

    Lasto Adri: It’s definately interesting, not sure about the extent to which you’ll find it beneficial, but it’s great for networking and looks alright on the CV. I had zero accounting background, so the accounting courses are really useful to me.

  3. Juka..good morning 🙂

    I did read the MBA section..and i was teasing you,ok..please don’t kill me

    i only cheated once in my life and it wasn’t really cheating..was verifying my answers in a Comms Systems test,and well..the girl who was helping failed to convince me of her,as the discussion got louder,we were both thrown out of the class…and my solution was the RIGHT one,yaayyyy

  4. Fadfadation: Thanks, it isn’t it’s a Finance focus. I have a BSc. in Economics so I have the macro view on life down. I just needed help familiarizing myself with the particulars. I’ve ended up in the strategic planning department of a company, I would prepare business plans, analyse future expenses and revenue streams, evaluate companies we intended to acquire etc.. It’s an interesting career 🙂 I personally think so. What do you do?

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