Credit-less on a billed line!

I’m furious and flaming around the nostrils, so I’d put some distance between the monitor and myself if I was you. No promises of not going nuclear on you.

A couple of month back I switched jobs, personnel at old job reclaimed my business cellphone line, and I was cast into the world phoneless. I, seeking to regain connectivity and mend the severed life line to the world went line shopping. Having compared prices and packages and in a moment of insanity I am to regret deeply later and more so today, I opted for the above company.

I’ve been a very patient and very tolerant customer. They have what has got to be the worst coverage in history. Yet do I rant? No. Do I complain? No. I mean don’t dream of reaching me while I’m at the North Coast or Red Sea. You can officially proclaim yourself a good son/daughter who’s mother has profusely prayed for if you can reach me while I’m in Alex. And anybody who’s had the pleasure of calling me whilst driving in Cairo is now very familiar with the amazing cut-off rate and that calls will often not be patched through if I’m anywhere near an embassy, a tunnel or a bridge. Humph.

Despite all that, I was patient, I figured it can only get better from here, I have a number I’m sentimental about and at least they sms me to tell me who the poor souls who tried to reach me and failed were. At least they sms me part of the time.

Now I had moved from one options package to another seeking cost effectiveness and optimal value for money and consumption (economist here, so please tolerate me).

So far so good no? (well notwithstanding the above coverage issues).

During these two months I’ve had an open (read unlimited) bill arrangement which they very punctually collected from my front door on the 1st of every month.

Then today something really odd happened. I tried to make a call only to recieve the following message:

Raseedokom el7ally la yasma7 be2etmam elmokallama

Translates to “your current balance doesn’t allow you to make this call”.

My CURRENT BALANCE! My current what!!!!!????

Insert favourite exclamation curse people.

What balance? I don’t have a balance for it to end. I make the calls. They tally it up and charge me at the end of the month.

Bewildered I call their customer service only to be told that I’m currently on their PRE-PAID system and need to recharge the card to make more calls.

Their pre-paid system, dig this!!!

Ok, at this point I go ballistic, calling them idiots and demanding they refer to history and change this etc…. Hours, and several phone call laters, they’re finally convinced that the error came from their side and I’m promised my connectivity back within 24 hours!! Hence for the remainder of today and probably all of tomorrow I’m credit-less on a billed line!!!!!!!!!

Hardly the point here, point is I don’t believe in fluke occurances. I’m of the notion that these things often happen in trends, and since this was a system error, there is a very good chance it might happen to any of you.

So here’s what I want you to do (listen carefully cause this is brilliant):

When they tell you that your 100 le (or whatever denomination) is over and that you need to recharge… do just that. You see ladies and gents my credit that they claim is over has never really been paid. The last 100 le they recieved for me was payment for calls of the previous month. Accordingly had I not lost my voice explaining to them all day, I’ve really quite been making 100 le worth of PRE-PAID calls courtesy of them! So here’s what you should do, it’s their mistake and they should pay for it, so just go buy a card recharge and live like that for a month having enjoyed your free minutes. Then a month later call them and ask to be moved back to the billed system. What says you??


5 thoughts on “Credit-less on a billed line!

  1. Ma3lesh ya Juka,rawa2y kedda bass..we kama k’al 7akeem Sparta “3ala ra2y Ahmed Ragab”..en 3’ab el 2ot el3ab ya far,if our venerable Ministry of Transportation and Comms did it’s job and monitored the chaos that the 3 GSM operators are causing and abusing we wouldn’t be there..i mean,Mobinil and Vodafone are proud for having 11 and 9 million customers respectively..and did they upgrade their infrastructure to withstand the rapidly increasing traffic..the answer is nope,and Itisalat is way behind because at least the other two have decent coverage

    so can make video calls yayyyyyyyy,but you can’t call your mechanic if the car breaks down,or a doctor if you or someone “god forbids” isn’t feeling well..but hey,who cares..i can make video calls,and send utterly useless clips of utterly boring people doing something that’s equally utterly stupid “yes..i am a nihilist when it comes to using technology to do something like that”

    and regarding the billing issue..Egypt,Marketing,Finance and Management don’t mix well.

    Cheers ya Juka,feel free to go nuclear on me bass matday2eesh nafsek kedda..just do what i do,whisper “yomhel walla yohmel” to yourself 🙂

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