The Little Prince (Le Petit Prince)

The Little Prince is French aviator Antoine de Sainte Exubrey’s most widely discussed novel. Deemed a children’s novel due to it’s simplicity and ease of read; The Little Prince in fact holds within it a deeper and more adult philosophy.

I had read this as a child but had not read it since, a bunch of friends were meeting to discuss the book in celebration of CBC’s second anniversary. Their discussion of the book was thoroughly enjoyable and stirred within me the desire to reread it. Meanwhile just sitting there listening to them talk I couldn’t help but start thinking about the book, about the real meaning behind that little prince who travels the globe before landing on earth and meeting different unique varieties of humans and animals.


The book struck me as it’s author’s will and final testimony; his legacy that he’s chosen to pass on to the generations to come. The author is rumored to have committed suicide and this is his last complete published book. Some theories argue that the entire story was just the hallucination of a man left alone in the desert for too long, but I disagree. I believe that this book is a summarized and simplified version of his life; of life in general.

In order to make his point even more obvious he chose that almost naive way of writing; he stripped down life to it’s very basics such that a sole characteristic or emotion was isolated and attributed to a character. He offers you love (the rose), friendship (the fox), greed, pride and dedication. He shares his views regarding each one through the eyes of that little prince. He tells us of his contempt of all that is bad in the world and all the misconceptions. He tries (as the little prince) to understand the world and change it. At the end he fails and decides to take his life by going to the snake. I’m open to discussing what the snake symbolises… death… despair… etc.. As the author himself had decided to take his own life perhaps.

All in all a read recommended for all. I shall venture a re-read soon.


12 thoughts on “The Little Prince (Le Petit Prince)

  1. First things first, Sick Makeover you got there, Nice look for the blog… Secondly, that book sounds great, even though I’m not really into reading books, but it still sounds great, oh and the people that say this is a “hallucination of a man left alone in the desert for too long”, That maybe an everyday jealousy or maybe they care about other things so they bash it, anyways, hope you have fun (re)reading it 🙂

  2. Owwwwwwwwww I love this book! I must have read it a dozen times… my mom is a big fan of the author so we have most of his books.

    Actually, it was indeed a children’s book – Antoine de St-Exupery (or Saint-Ex, as he was known to his friends – and his readers 🙂 wrote it for his grandson.

    As for his death… it’s actually pretty interesting: around the end of WW2 – 1944, i believe? – as he was suppose to retire from the french aviation, he begged for one more mission… and he left and never came back.

    A few years ago some claimed to have found the debris of his aircraft… but i prefer the version where he left to go live in the desert, with a rose and a fox.

  3. I also read it in French. It’s worth learning French just to read this book, I think. It loses a bit of subtlety in the translation. I adore this book, and the dedication is my favorite of all time.

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