Don’t you find it remotely odd that both ends of the temperature spectrum are favourable and coveted status descriptions. It’s considered flattering (or certainly not offending) to be called “Cool” and equally so to be called “Hot”.

So if you’re uncool and un-hot… does that make you “room temperature”? or perhaps “luke warm”…?


16 thoughts on “Tahyeesaya

  1. Hermoine Granger! Allah .. Ok then, I will get u a study diary on ur birthday .. sounds that something would make ur day 😛

    and while we are at it .. Can I borrow your wand , cos mine is broken and I would love to practise some crucio on some particular individuals in ma mind 😛

  2. Wow, well I guess if my friends read this, I guess I will be called Room Temperature till i get nuts (instead of 3weel), but from your way of thinking, I guess me being “Hot” is not Cool, comeon Do we really need more heat!? Anyways, Nice one, brought a smile to my face (you won’t see that too much)

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