“El Donya Talgaya fe Kobaya”

That was the nick of a brilliant friend of mine on msn. Not being able to resist.. the following conversation ensued:

Moi: Despite the obvious greatness of the posed philosophy who’s depth is wasted on the shallow minded, care to explain?

Dahlia (name potentially artificial) : ya3ny el donya mesh dayman ba2ya; el haga elly momken tebsetak lelahza ‘el talgaya’ hatro7 eventually ‘tesee7’

Dahlia: bas el lahza el sa3eeda dee is wat u remember; its the essence

Moi: ahah! it would already have cooled my ice tea in this godforsaken weather.. so it would have served it’s holier purpose!

Moi: COOL; I love the philosophy of it all.. you should blog it

Dahlia: lol. be my guest 2 use it, but e7faz el trademark

Moi: akeeeeed; what would you like your deepthroat name to be?

Dahlia: lol….dahlia


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