Hope they read this.. or they don’t.. ma3adsh fare2

I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t ladies and gentlemen. Then again, it’s not even about me, cause nothing I can do at this point can fix what has been broken. You see the disadvantage of an ending life-long friendship is that the parties really know how to hurt each other.

This is a story of a bunch of friends, who grew up together and matured together, they were a clan yet each of them retained her individuality, a character and disposition unique to herself… anyways.

One of these fine ladies I’ve known my entire life and she’s truly a beautiful person. She may be young and impulsive but that’s the beauty of youth, you can afford to be impulsive and you can live life to the maximum and enjoy every minute.

Now a couple of years ago I was introduced (through her) to the rest of the gang, whom I’ve been hearing about for YEARS. Nice kids really.

So far.. so good.

Now not too long ago the 5 of them had a falling out. I had it marked down as temporary, as a storm that will blow over. Yet the problems persisted and the rift widened. With every day the nature of the conflict became more intense and the hightened stress led to some serious profanity and misconduct on all sides. I’m not here to place blame. Heck I wasn’t even there. Yet I’m crushed they let it get that far. That today they can seriously claim it was a mistake to have ever been friends. That today they are willing to hurt each other and with vengeance on the most public forums they could find.

Common friends are taking sides and what started as a personal battle is slowly working its way up to a full fledged war. Now here is the thing, despite my sincere wishes of reconcillation it’s not gonna happen. So if we can’t get along we can at least be decent. Lets just decide to not know each other anymore, that simple, a cold-turkey cut off for the friendship. Acting like it never existed, acting like the other is invisible and never again to the end of humanity (or our short or long lives) discuss the fight again.

You see … this too shall pass… I just fear by the time it does the damage it would have done to all involved would be beyond repair. So just turn around and walk away. You all know better… deserve better… or so at least I hope.

P.S. Blood is thicker than water, so it’s pretty obvious who I’d side with if I must pick a side, only it’s a sad affair that I must….


4 thoughts on “Hope they read this.. or they don’t.. ma3adsh fare2

  1. Begad fee nas refuse to grow up…bakrah el tafaha beta3et el 7’ena2 ma3a ba3d…god…don’t u have any other usefull thing to do…

    3andek 7a2 ya Juka, read or no read ma3adsh fare2…

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