Cinema update

Hmm, ok, lets see, Ravine has already torn to parts Emam’s attempt at a socio-economic comedy. While I agree with her on some points, I didn’t find it as appalling as she did. Granted his kids role’s are unrealistic hence the entire conflict on which the movie was built was fallacious. Yet Youssef Ma3aty still cracks me up, and this new kid (the one from the Etisallat ads) was incredible, absolutely hilarious.

Story line (for the few of you who’ve yet to see it) is of a rich and corrupt businessmen who’s kids are ashamed from due to his incomplete education. He decides to join them in university, gain social acclaim, run for the people’s assembly and win their professor’s heart all at the same time.

Movie at times is an honest reflection of our sad reality where things are conveniently handled through “shay belyasmeen” (movie code for bribery).

Favourite line from the movie:

Manta delwa2ty lazem tezabat nafsak men fo2 we men ta7t, 3ashan law elly ta7t 2allabo 3alik, elly fo2 ye7mook, we law elly fo2 sabook, elly ta7t yol2ofook”

Flawed capitalist imperialist logic? Perhaps.. but sadly true.

My sister has got to be the most dedicated cinema-goer I know, she’s managed to see all the other Arabic movies airing so when we finally went to see a movie together we ended up seeing Sandra Bullock’s Premonition.

Movie is average at best, cute idea but with some faults in the story lines (little girl should have been scarred on first post-funeral day but is not etc..). The idea posed is what if time was disrupted and you did not live days in order, would action you take today affect the future you’ve lived yesterday? Did I confuse you? Well the director seemed to find plot confusing enough that he actually threw a scene in there just to make sure cinema-goers were up to speed. In this scene Sandra is trying to make sense of the madness to takes out a paper and pencil and breaks down the week into days jotting down the event of each day trying to find a logic to the pattern and trying to deduce the sequence of events.

Final conclusion: you can’t bring back the dead, but if you try hard enough, you might be able to change your destiny.


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