Birthday Rant

Was in Alex over the weekend for my cousin’s 21st b-day… yes .. yes … you know you are getting old when people who’s births you remember and who you’ve cradled are actually turning 21 and are now legally liable for their actions….

Birthday was being held at a new cafe in Kafr Abdu called “Sprinkles” (remember the name it’s important for my purpose) which had been featured in a recent issue in G-mag.

She had agreed with the owner that we’d have the tiny space to ourselves and that the owner would handle decorations. Owner would also deliver one extremely expensive custom b-day cake at 8:30 pm (remember the time).

The following events ensued:

2 hours before the b-day time (b-day was scheduled to start at 7:30) owner calls to say she couldn’t arrange for the decor, we should handle it.

Actual arrival; place not prepared and air conditioner is busted.

At 8 pm, table is finally set and the AC still isn’t working, man in charge has no knowledge of agreed upon cake.

People start arriving and are cramped in the tight space with no air conditioning on a hot summer night.

9 pm we call to ask about the cake and are told it’s on it’s way and will arrive in 10 minutes.

The same conversation takes place every 20 minutes from 9 pm till 10:30 pm when people start leaving.

10:30 pm one of the guests decided to take matters into her own hands, calls owner and gives her a piece of her mind.

11:00 pm we decide to pull a revolution we demand our money back, say we are not interested in the cake and decide to leave.

Couldn’t end the b-day without singing. We stand in the middle of the tiny cafe in the middle of the fight and sing Happy Birthday at the top of our lungs. We take our money and take off amidst showers of apologies from the man in the store and from the owner who’d only just arrived.

Her excuse: Delivery boy dropped the cake and we had to do over.. YEAH RIGHT!

Anyways we promised her that her sabotage of a girl’s 21st would not go unpunished. Hence here is our rant. People don’t do business with that store, they are not dependable and just downright RUDE!!!

Yalla.. Juka out


3 thoughts on “Birthday Rant

  1. Interesting .. sounds like it was messed up, however, as far as I am concerned, you couldn’t have created any more memorable birthday for your cousin

    She will remember her 21st B-day for decades to come .. you all gona remember it .. so Mission accomplished!

    You SHOULD have taken this on video 😀

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